Fine Art Nature

As a Fine Art Nature photographer hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, my main objective is to capture the essence of nature through my high-quality and beautiful Fine Art Nature Photography. To achieve this goal, I have embarked on numerous journeys throughout the country, traveling by car, snowmobile, canoe, and foot. The result is a vast collection of Fine Art Landscapes that showcase the breathtaking beauty of Canada.

My entire Fine Art Landscape portfolio is available for purchase and is printed on photographic paper, gallery wrapped canvas, and metal. You can learn about the unique differences in these mediums by visiting our Fine Art Prints page.

In addition to Fine Art Prints, I also offer a variety of Photo Gifts, featuring my stunning landscapes and wildlife images. From mugs and coasters to postcards and mousepads, each item is expertly crafted using the highest quality materials and printing techniques.

Both Fine Art Prints and Photo Gifts can be purchased conveniently through my online store.

Pisew Falls, Manitoba
Pisew Falls, Manitoba

Fine Art Nature Nature – The Process

Planning the photo

Capturing the beauty of nature requires careful planning and execution. As a photographer, my process begins with thorough research to find unique and hidden natural wonders and landscapes. I wait for the ideal weather conditions and season, such as a summer storm or a perfect sunset, to capture the perfect shot.

Taking the photo

The next step involves getting to these remote locations, which may involve hiking, canoeing, or snowmobiling. Once on location, I compose the shot by finding a unique perspective and foreground details that lead the viewer’s eye to the focal point. I use the appropriate camera settings to ensure the perfect photo, such as a short exposure to capture the power of a waterfall or a longer exposure to create a magical feel.

Post Processing

Many of my photos are HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos, which involve merging multiple images with different exposures to capture more details in highlights and shadows. Once back home, I begin the post-processing phase, which brings the photos to life. This involves merging the multiple images using software and then adjusting the white and black levels and reducing any noise in the photo.

Next, I focus on balancing highlights and shadows by painting with light to draw the viewer’s eye to the intended subject. I also adjust the color balance to best match my artistic vision, whether that means bringing out the pinks in a sunset or the blues in a river.

Finally, I fine-tune the image by making slight adjustments to lighting, sharpness, and contrast, and cropping the image to the desired print size. I offer a range of products featuring my photographs, including fine art prints, photo gifts, and more. Be sure to follow me on on Facebook and Instagram for updates on my portfolio and upcoming shows.

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